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We provide professional pool service and repairs!

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Pool Openings and Closings

Premium Chemical & Equipment Local Delivery

Leak Detection


Tired of the worry and time involved in maintaining your pool?

Allow Paradise Pool & Spa to care for your pool, so all you have to do is swim and relax. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance packages can be custom built to fit your needs. A benefit of relying on Paradise Pool & Spa for your cleaning needs is that we make sure our staff is trained with the latest tools and techniques to care for your pool or spa.

  • Testing & balancing all chemical elements, in order to maintain a safe water chemistry
  • Brushing surface of the pool
  • Remove any dirt and debris, which was not removed by your cleaning system or the main drain
  • Net any debris off the surface of the pool water
  • Check the filter pressure to determine if back washing or cartridge cleaning is necessary
  • Empty pump & skimmer baskets
  • Empty all bags on automatic cleaners (Polaris, Hayward Vac, etc.)
  • Service and maintain saltwater systems
  • Check equipment for proper operation
  • Marquis Spa Repair
  • Safety Covers

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Certified Warranty Station for most all major brands

At Paradise Pool and Spa we strive to provide top of the line service and products that you can depend on while maintaining a true family focused and friendly environment both in the store and in your backyard.

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